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  • CDI College
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Jul 05, 2018
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Our programs are designed to get you career-ready sooner so the skills you gain are both relevant and in-demand.


Develop your skills in the classroom by engaging in hands-on activities, not just through reading a book, or listening to a lecture.


Where possible, we look to offer evening and weekend classes to fit into your busy schedule.


Our talented instructors bring years of professional experience into the classroom and work to ensure our programs reflect the current industry trends and standards. Having spent time in the fields they teach, they are able to create content that directly addresses the needs of employers, giving you the skills and experience they're looking for when hiring.


Our smaller class sizes mean you’ll receive a more personal level of education with more one-on-one time between you and your instructor, helping you to learn at your own pace.

Accounting & Payroll Administrator

CDI College’s Accounting & Payroll Administrator diploma program provides you with a background in general accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping while placing significant emphasis on accounting software. In the program, you’ll train on industry-standard accounting software applications, including the latest versions of Sage 50 Accounting and QuickBooks Pro, two of the most popular programs used by professional accountants and payroll practitioners every day.

Immigration Consultant

Thousands of people each year immigrate or arrive as refugees to Canada, and they need well-trained immigration consultants to assist with paperwork and offer advice on their cases. CDI College’s Immigration Consultant diploma program gives you the focused, relevant training you’ll need to work in legal firms, law clinics, or opening your own immigration consulting firm.

Supply Chain Management

Every item bought and sold in Canada makes its way through the supply chain, which is the flow of goods from raw materials to the point of purchase and consumption. CDI College’s Supply Chain Management program will give you the hands-on, job-ready training mixed with a strong background in key concepts – including logistics, packaging and materials handling, managing and procuring inventory, and project management – you’ll need to succeed in the business world.