Our Mission is to be the First Choice logistics partner in the beverage industry.

Before 1994, Alberta liquor distribution was handled entirely by the Alberta provincial government through the Alberta Liquor Control Board (ALCB). At this time there were only 204 government owned and operated liquor stores in Alberta.  In June 1994, Alberta liquor distribution and retail sales were privatized. Since that time the number of licensed retail outlets in Alberta has grown to over 2000, with over 20,000 unique registered products.
Today, Connect Logistics Services continues to provide complete liquor warehousing and distribution services for spirits, wines, liqueurs, coolers and import beer destined for sale in Alberta.     
Unlike more traditional wholesalers, Connect Logistics Services does not buy or take possession of any product. Instead, Liquor Suppliers and Agents continue to own their product until it is sold.

Suppliers and Agents have sole discretion over which products they list and their stock position. They can also allocate their products to specified licensees within the parameters of the AGLC Allocation Policy.

Once product is received, Connect Logistics Services processes orders from liquor retail outlets and licensed establishments in the Province of Alberta. These licensees can place orders through phone, fax, or Liquorconnect.com, a dedicated on-line liquor ordering and tracking system. When product is sold, the supplier/agent receives payment directly from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Connect Logistics Services state-of-the art warehouse management system is designed to provide rapid and accurate order processing.