Birch Glen Co-Operative Homes

Birch Glen consists of a six storey high-rise building with 135 suites which includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units along with 13 accessible units.

The building was incorporated on October 25, 1990 and is located approximately one kilometre north of the Q.E.W. We are centrally located in the town of Oakville, close to all amenities and a short walk from the world famous Glen Abbey Golf Course.

The building has two elevators, 2 levels of underground parking, a recreation room with a kitchen and a laundry room with 8 washers and dryers. All units have enclosed balconies.

The co-operative is governed under the Housing Co-operative Act of Ontario, therefore the residents are members, not tenants. The members of Birch Glen elect 7 of its members to the Board of Directors, whose job is to govern the co-operative. Board members are comprised of members  who live in the co-op who are voted on the board  by the members at the AGM  (annual general meeting) once per year.

The Board delegates many of the responsibilities to the manager who is hired directly by the co-op to run day to day operations.  Birch Glen offers both market rent and subsidized housing.

Market rent applications may be picked up and returned at 1160 Dorval Drive. Subsidized applications may be picked up and returned to Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH) at 690 Dorval Dr., 7th Floor, Oakville. To become a member of Birch Glen, an applicant must complete an application form, complete an interview with the membership committee whose recommendation must be approved by the Board of Directors.