Skids Away

Skids Away Ltd. provides pallet recycling services, pallets sales, manufacturing of custom and new standard pallets and pallet management.

Our pallet recycling program allows our customers to recycle their 'scrap pallets' at a minimal cost or no cost at all. In some cases Skids Away Ltd. will pay for the discarded pallets (by the truck load) if the pallets sizes are standard (eg. 48x40, 48x48, 42x42). Let us come to your facility and determine if your recycling needs will cost you, be removed at no cost or issue your company a cheque (certain criteria must be met).

At Skids Away Ltd. we offer a wide range of recycled pallet sizes that can be purchased. Go to our 'Products' page to see all the pallet sizes available for immediate sale. Our pricing on recycled pallets depends on the size, grade and quantity required. Contact one of our sales people to help determine your requirements and price (see 'Contact Us' page).

We are also pleased to offer the manufacturing of custom size pallets. This process can be done by using 'recycled lumber' or 'new lumber'. A 'recycled lumber' custom pallet can be up to 40% less than a 'new lumber' custom pallet. 'Heat Treated' pallets for customers that ship outside of North America are also available. Go to our 'Contact Us' page and ask one of our sales people for a quote.

Skids Away Ltd. also provides pallet management services. This service is best suited for large national companies that handle over 500 000 pallets per year. Contact Jason Mackey ( for details