M.A.P. Water, Sewer Services & Earthworks

 Started in 1983 by Nick Matera, C.E.O. / Owner, M.A.P. Group of Companies prides itself in safety, quality & teamwork. No project is too large or small and despite the size or nature of the project, it is completed on a timely basis and to the satisfaction of our clients. It is these qualities that make M.A.P. Group of Companies a leader in the industry. M.A.P.'s involvement and joint ventures with sub- contractors helps to ensure that a project is completed on time. We are always looking at innovative ways to help with the scheduling and cost savings of a project.

M.A.P. Group of Companies headquarters is located in Edmonton, Alberta and is comprised of a number of companies, the three primary being M.A.P. Water & Sewer Services Ltd., M.A.P. Earthworks Ltd., and Williamson Equipment all of which operate as three separate, distinct and very versatile companies.

The M.A.P. Group of Companies started with five employees and has grown to over 400 today. Our Team members possess a vast range of experience and credentials and include Project Managers, Project Supervisors and professional Engineers with R.E.T. or C.E.T. designations. 

At M.A.P. Group of Companies, we are confident that we can provide you the services necessary to meet and exceed your expectations.