HT Hospitality Training

HT Hospitality Training - delivers specialized training programs with nationally recognized certifications and work placements for individuals looking for jobs in the hospitality Industry.

HT Hospitality Training Ottawa, ON, Canada
Dec 07, 2018
Develop skillis for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry! Individuals joining the ALiGN Network training program will graduate with on-the-job work experience, matched with employers based on talent-to-role fit and receive certifications in:  National emerit  Workplace Essentials Service Excellence Smart Serve  WHMIS Food Safety
HT Hospitality Training 440 Albert Street, Room C109 Ottawa, ON K1R 5B5
Dec 07, 2018
Career Training
Looking for a New Career  Drop By and Ask About - Free Training for a Career in Hospitality ( Weekly Open House Events ) Tue. (11am), Wed. (11am), Thu. (2pm).  All sessions start at times listed (don't be late!)  Apply Now