Tychopoly Inc.

Tycho Poly Inc. was founded in 2013 by directors with over 30 years in the blown film industry.

Tycho Poly is a leading supplier of blown polyethylene film. Our head office is located in Woodbridge, Ontario, attached to our production facility. We hold a reputation for service and quality. Our Flexible production process allows us unprecedented abilities to produce custom orders as well as industry standard items at competitive prices. 

We are setting new standards within our industry through various innovative products that set us apart from our competitors. With new innovations we bring forth an environmental conscience for future generations to consider.

Since incorporation, Tycho Poly has been successfully meeting the growing demands, keeping up with the changes in the industry and serving the needs of its distributors across North America.

At Tycho Poly, our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and is committed towards providing full support to our distributors and their customers.