Institute of Technical Trades

The Institute of Technical Trades Toronto is more than a training facility – it is a commitment.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing quality education, support and guidance to individuals enrolled in our technical trade schools in Toronto.

From innovative classes for new students to continuing education courses for experienced trades professionals, our mission at the Toronto Institute of Technical Trades is to provide you with up-to-date technology and training to further advance your career.

Since 1968, our focus has been on the following three aspects: service, commitment and excellence. Four decades later, our technical trade program in Toronto has grown from a small upstart school to one of the most established welding and CNC schools in Canada. This success is a result of the Toronto Institute of Technical Trades’ dedicated efforts to incorporate the needs of students into the curriculum.

We welcome you to the Institute of Technical Trades Toronto and encourage you to view us as your starting point towards a successful career and future.