Creature Comforts Pet Services

Anne Gillespie, an experienced marketing and advertising professional with a life-long love of animals, established Creature Comforts Pet Services in 1997. A bird and dog owner since the age of 5, she decided to make her passion a second career.


Anne’s professional experience includes a broad variety of training. She volunteered for three years with St. John’s Ambulance Pet Therapy Program and for seven years with the Oakville & District Humane Society, doing matchmaking and adoptions.


Special Training
Anne boasts years of dog obedience training and fly-ball experience, and also has specialized training in correcting dog-to-dog aggression and dog-to-people aggression. (She assisted a client and a pet-sitter with these classes.)


Our Team
Creature Comforts Pet Services is a network of 48 animal lovers like Anne who are mature and experienced. We are reliable, fully-bonded and insured professionals who have a wealth of experience with different animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, fish and many more.


Many of us have done dog training, fostered animals, bred birds or rescued wildlife. Creature Comforts Pet Services staff have experience with administering medications (pills, ointments, subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections) and caring for animals with special needs.