Iron Horse Group

Founded in 1994, The Iron Horse Security Group is a “people first” company that, through our team of qualified professionals, has a mission to provide our clients the highest calibre of security, investigative and training services available.

Growing from just two employees in 1994 to employing over 1400 team members now annually, our company is not just bricks and mortar, uniforms and signs – it’s people working together to serve our clients, the general public and each other.

With offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Gatineau, we have proven that our people are the key to our industry leading success. Our amazing growth can be directly attributed to the quality and dedication of our employees, and as a result we have been equally able to deliver a premium value to our clients. One of the main foundations of this philosophy is that our people make the difference.

Our award winning business practices have gained national recognition by Profit Magazine when four years in a row we have won a position in their coveted, nationally ranked Profit 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada.

Additionally we have been selected as finalist by the Greater Chamber of Commerce for both Business of the Year and Mid-Market Business of the Year in their Business Achievement Awards category.

Along with these awards, our company President has won the “40 Under Forty” Award for business excellence amongst the top 40 business owners under 40 years of age, declared a finalist in the Government of Ontario’s Premieres Award, and for the past two years in a row the illustrious Consumers Choice Award.

No other security company in Canada has won these industry leading awards. To ensure we are providing our valued clientele the highest quality of services available, we restrict our focus to the following three main areas of service: Security Services, Investigative Services, and the Security & Investigation Academy.