Elevated Learning Academy

Elevated Learning Academy Inc. is dedicated to developing health and wellness professionals, focusing on the professions of Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists. Our educational programs are intended to have a low-barrier to entry, be accessible to diverse types of populations, be job-specific, and be delivered in a timely manner. We strive to continue to deliver on these parameters on a daily basis, and we do so through the following: Low Barrier to Entry: Our entrance requirements encompass a High School Diploma (or equivalent) or a Competency Exam, along with an in-person interview with an admissions representative.

Accessible: We offer multiple start-dates per year, with class offerings during the day, as well as in the evenings, enabling working and/or parenting students to access our educational programs. Job-Specific: Our curriculum is made up of strictly the material that one would require to do an excellent job in their profession. We don’t stress the necessity of our students to take additional elective courses that they would later not require in their professions.

Short Programs: Both of our programs are just 4-months in length, enabling our graduates to enjoy an accelerated learning experience, and fast access to the workforce. Elevated Learning Academy Inc. has been operating in Alberta since 2010, and has experienced immense success and growth since its inception. Since opening our doors, we have graduated hundreds of alumni. Our graduates share with us, on an ongoing basis, how much their ELA education has helped them with launching their careers in the health and wellness industry.