The Baldachin Inn in Merrickville, ON offers a historic ambiance with a stunning ballroom, family dining, Harry MacLean's Pub, the Courtyard Garden Patio, and overnight accommodations in our finely appointed rooms and suites.

Come for an hour or a day, book your banquet or plan your wedding with us. You'll be glad you chose the Baldachin Inn.

Some history

Merrickville is among the oldest, most historic communities in Ontario, with more heritage-designated buildings per capita than any other city in Canada. At one time, Merrickville boasted more than 50 water-powered industries, with the Trent Canal providing the transportation.

In addition to its historic charm, Merrickville is renowned for its boutiques. Its charming, Victorian streetscape is lined with shops filled with one-of-a-kind items made by local artists and artisans...their unique talents are on display at studios where craftsmen demonstrate their trade as well as sell their well as antique shops, numerous restaurants and cafes, and quaint shops selling products from around the world.

Built in 1860, The Baldachin Inn was once the largest department store between Chicago and Montreal. It was built by Harry MacLean, who also funded the development of the first G suit for pilots. Our Harry MacLean's Pub commemorates his name, with a European Pub setting.

The Baldachin Ballroom uses a unique building style, the King's Post Truss system, only found in one other building still used in Chicago, which eliminates the need for ceiling supports. This means the 6000 sq. ft. ballroom is completely open, so brides and their grooms can swirl and twirl the night away. With seating for 200, and an elegant French Country decor, it's easy to see why the Baldachin Ballroom is a first choice for weddings around the Ottawa area.