Ubbelea Mushrooms

Ubbelea Mushrooms farm has spent 47 years developing top quality, fresh sliced, quick blanched and whole mushrooms for Pizzeria's, Restaurants, Food Service processors. Established in 1969 by Cornelis Ubbels, it became a limited company in 1974 owned and operated by Cornelis, Johanna and Richard Ubbels.

To this day it remains a 100% family owned business. Cornelis was originally from Holland, who are experts with growing Mushrooms. Although Cornelis has retired from the family business you still see him now and again working in the plant.

To this day we at Ubbelea continue to work under the same thought process, and still hold some accounts that started with us in the early 70's. Fast forwarding to the new generation food safety is the integral part of day to day operations and is always top priority at Ubbelea.