Critical Strategies for Attaining Career Goals

Tina's lay off from her retail position provided the impetus to follow her passion -- art therapy. Bruce aced his interview for a cyber security position. They both attained their desired goals. So can you!

Positive thinking is powerful. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, and your heart desires, you can achieve. But you must have persistence and patience. The following strategies will help you achieve your goals:

- Know what you want. State your goal in specific terms. Dare to dream. Ensure your goal is consistent with your passion or purpose.

- Confirm your goal is sound and desirable. It should benefit both you and other people. 

- Write your goal and all your reasons for wanting it. State your outcome in positive terms.  

- Identify and minimize barriers. Specify any obstacles that may keep you from reaching your goal. If the worst thing happened what could you do? What information do you need to pursue this goal? Where could you go for this? From whom could you get support? What can you do to make this less risky? What kind of measures could you build in to make it less urgent? Less irreversible? Less overwhelming?

List all the groups, people, organizations, resources, character traits, education, personal strengths, and tools you have at your disposal for assisting you in overcoming obstacles. Use these to help you move forward.

- Set a schedule for completing your goal. Be flexible so that you can incorporate new ideas. Use a daily organizer to plan activities that will enable you to attain your goal. 

 Break the goal into small steps.  Every day, do at least one activity related to achieving your goal.

- Ask a friend or relative for support.  Meet often to review your progress. Call when you need a boost.

- Continually focus on your desired outcome. See yourself living your goal today: see, hear, smell, and touch aspects of the goal. Act as if you have already achieved your goal.

If you find this challenging, create a collage or drawing depicting it. Tina glued pictures from publications on a large sheet of poster paper. The collage illustrated her desired goals, how she wanted to look, the personal and professional image she desired to project, people she wanted to be with, and other things that represented her concept of "success." Every day, she reminded herself that she was this successful person. She also stated affirmations daily, and continued to have faith that she would attain her goal.

- Associate with positive people who support your goal.

- Remove all negative mental obstacles such as hate, worry, anger, jealousy.  Avoid phrases such as, "I can't." Do not criticize or blame others. 

Bruce was convinced he wasn't getting job offers because employers didn't want to hire men in their 50s. But when he changed his attitudes, documented his updated skills, and illustrated how his previous accomplishments and experience could contribute to the company, he had three job offers in one week.

- State and write intentions and affirmations daily. Affirmations, potent statements of truths which sink deep into your subconscious, help you to become the person you want to be. Use positive statements such as "I can be what I will to be,” “My life is changing for the better," and “I am proud of myself."

- View failures or setbacks as learning experiences. They are detours as you move toward your goal.

- Keep mind, body and spirit in top working order. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and nourish your soul.

- Review your goal periodically. Feel free to modify it as you learn more about yourself and your options.

Achieving your desired goals will give you feelings of accomplishment and confidence. You will gain a sense of purpose, inner harmony, and greater control over your personal and professional life.

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