4 Easy Ways to Create More Time In Your Day

Managing one's time can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. As a result, adults with hectic schedules and multiple responsibilities may pine for an extra hour or two in the day. While it's impossible to extend a day from 24 to 26 hours, there are ways for busy men and women to create more time in their day.

  1. Embrace organization tools. Whether it's day planners, smartphone reminders or more traditional print calendars with meetings and deadlines written on them, organization tools can greatly cut back on time spent trying to remember and/or confirm meeting times, project schedules, deadlines, and other obligations.
  2. Assess your productivity. Some people are most productive in the mornings, while others do not hit their strides until after lunch. Identify the time or times of day when you tend to be most productive, and make an effort to focus exclusively on work during these times. Resist any urge to schedule meetings or conference calls during those times of day when you are most productive, as it can be hard to multitask or focus when discussing projects with coworkers or clients.
  3. Minimize distractions. Social media, the internet and texting can distract attention away from tasks that must be completed, ultimately affecting how quickly and efficiently such projects are finished. Make a concerted effort to avoid social media and the internet while at work, and turn off smartphone alerts that entice you to go online. In addition, turn off text alerts if they are proving too great a distraction.
  4. Reconsider your commute. Professionals who drive to work but find themselves sitting in traffic on their way to and from work can investigate possible alternatives to driving themselves. Public transportation might not get you to work more quickly than driving yourself, but time spent on a bus or train can be used to work on projects and check and answer work-related emails, clearing up time later in the day. Time spent behind the wheel of an automobile cannot be safely spent working.
  • Metro Creative